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Affiliate Program

Take your business to new heights with Energetic Exotics. Turn traffic into earnings by promoting car reservations through Energetic Exotics. Harness the strength of our brand on your website and watch as visitors convert into revenue. As an Energetic Exotics Affiliate Partner, you'll gain access to a range of tools tailored to drive customers to our brand's websites for car reservations. With each qualified reservation made through a visitor clicking on your site's links, you'll earn a percentage of the sale. It's that straightforward!

Start boosting reservations today!

Apply for our program through the provided links below. How does the Energetic Exotics Affiliate Program function? What affiliate opportunities does Energetic Exotics offer?

We extend the chance for our affiliate partners to host deals under our brand in the US. Partners must meet our program's qualifications for admission.

How can I initiate my journey with the Affiliate Program?

Review the Affiliate Agreement, available for download, and complete a brief online application for one or more of our programs. Our team will assess your application to ensure compatibility. Once accepted, you can commence setting up links to drive reservations.

What types of links are at my disposal?
Energetic Exotics provides an array of link options tailored to your website, including logos, banners, and promotional text links. We recommend partners regularly check for updated offer links to maintain freshness for visitors, as you understand your audience best.

How are my sales tracked?
Each link you post from our programs contains a unique tracking code to monitor your sales performance. Whenever a reservation is made through one of these links, we credit your account with the corresponding commission. You'll have access to detailed reports on your sales using your designated username and password.

What earnings potential do I have, and how are commissions distributed?
Partners have the opportunity to earn up to 2.5% commission on all qualifying revenue generated when customers link directly from your site to a participating Energetic Exotics branded site and make a reservation. Comprehensive terms and conditions regarding our commission structure are outlined in the affiliate agreement.

Seeking further clarification?

For additional information on the Energetic Exotics Affiliate Programs, please reach out to us via email at

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