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Engaging Storytellers

Media Resources

We extend a warm welcome to you at Energetic Exotics! We are excited to share our captivating narrative with you and are looking forward to collaborating with individuals who can assist us in spreading the word. To make this process easier, we have provided a range of resources, guidelines, and contact details on our website.


We encourage you to explore these resources and reach out to us if you have any questions or would like to collaborate. Thank you for your interest in Energetic Exotics, and we hope to hear from you soon!

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Resources / Files

For reporter inquiries, please contact us at: 888-717-5157.

For inquiries from bloggers, please click here to email our customer support team.

Interviews, Photographs, Videos & Asset Requests
Connecting With Designated Representatives

While our branch employees aren't designated as media spokespeople, our Corporate Communications department can facilitate connections with the appropriate individuals for your requirements. Please reach out to us at with your specific requests.

Conducting Photo or Video Sessions on Premises

All photography and videography at our branches must receive prior authorization. If you're interested in capturing images, video footage, or soundbites at one of our branches, please get in touch with our Corporate Communications department via

You can download our media pack upon agreeing to Energetic Exotics' terms.

Click here to download

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